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1. Summary

MPRAP is a novel Membrane Protein Residue Accessibility Predictor,based on sequence derived information.

In contrast to previous membrane predictors, MPRAP, performs well both within and outside
the membrane regions and outperforms earlier methods in the membrane regions.
See the MPRAP paper for a detailed description of the method.

Note that the server does not predict well for proteins without any TM segment.

2. Usage

This server is appropriate for helical TM proteins.
Input to the server is amino acid sequences in FASTA format.
Using the text window, the maximum number of sequences per query is 1, and the same
is valid when using the file upload option

Example input:
>sp|20150978|pdb|1KQF|C Chain C, Formate Dehydrogenase N E. Coli

3. Output

The server outputs prediction results in a text table:

#RN: The column containing the number of residue of the query sequence
(No prediction is made for the first and the last four residues.

AA: The column containing the type of residues of the query sequence.

Zcoord: The column containing the predicted absolute Z coordinates ( Zpred ).

Conservation: The column containing the conservation score (relative Shannon entropy).

MPRAP: The column containing the MPRAP prediction.

4. References

Submitted Arne Elofsson (2009) ??????????. 105, ???????. [Pubmed]

5. Contact

Arne Elofsson group

Center for Biomembrane Research
Department for Biochemistry and Biophysics
The Arrhenius Laboratories for Natural Sciences
Stockholm University
SE-106 91 Stockholm, Sweden

Phone:   (+46)-8-16 4672
Fax:   (+46)-8-15 3679

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